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Same is the case with animals. It is high time we humans must stop wasting the natural resources and use them wisely. Once they are used in short essay of natural resources unlimited way they cannot be easily replaced.

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This is owing to several reasons. While some of these are abundantly available in the atmosphere, most of these are fast depleting from earth. Air is used to generate wind energy. The raw material derived from them is thus decreasing by the day.

Short Essay on Natural Resources - By Sa Article - Residence Spiaggia d'Oro Deforestation is another cause for the depletion of natural resources.

In the beginning, his needs were few because his culture, knowledge and other faculties were not fully developed. Life on transas thesis 2019 planet would not have been possible without natural resources such as air, sunlight and water.

Essay on Natural Resources for Children and Students There are two main methods for conservation of water:

Here is how these are used for various purposes: Some species of cranes, bustards, partridges, pigeons, doves, hornbills, Kashmir stag, swamp-deer etc. All such substances used by man for sustenance and welfare are called resources. Due to over-exploitation of forests, many plants and animals have become extinct.

Cultivation of crops should be a regular short essay short essay of natural resources natural resources.

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The non-renewable resource can be used directly for example, burning oil to cookor we can find a renewable resource to use for example, using wind energy to make electricity to cook. Only a few trees should be cut down at one time and whenever possible trees should be planted afforestation.

We also get numerous useful products like wood, rubber, gum, resin, honey, bee wax, medicinal plants, bamboo, lac, timber etc. However, it also has a downside to it.

Plants also provide us oxygen and absorb the harmful and toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. The consumption of natural resources is on an increase continually owing to the rapid population growth.

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We should use only what is necessary. The emergence of rapid growth has come due to attainments and organic growths.

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We do not require any human intervention to derive them. Some bacteria, fungi, viruses, insects, pests and diseases cause great damage to the forests and other field crops. Sun, plants, short essay of natural resources, wind and soil are other renewable resources.

Then, he gradually started gaining superiority over other organisms by virtue of his intelligence. Renewable natural resources, as the name narrative essay writing assignment are the ones that can be renewed naturally and used over and over again.

Natural Resources are Being Depleted

Materials iron, copper, zincfossil-fuel coal and oil deposits minerals and salts phosphates, nitrates, carbonates and stone once a non-renewable resource is taken it is eliminated forever. United States The United States comes on the second position when it comes to the availability of natural resources.

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Man uses water not only for drinking but also for a number of other activities like bathing, cooking, washing, irrigation, power generation and also as a means of transportation. Indirect consumption of natural resources means using them by modifying them or by generating other goods and services with their help.

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Soil is a renewable resource only if it is protected from erosion and if suitable amount of organic matter is added to it from time bookkeeper cover letter with salary requirements time. It is done by: All kinds of animals are not available everywhere. It consists of narrative essay writing assignment a pulse crop or a leguminous crop alternately with any other crop.

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