Role Of The Youth In Nation Building

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The youth is asking questions. They should be directed appropiately to engage in some constructive tasks.

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Elections to student leaderships are fought with a great vengeance. They make policies and plans but those are implemented by the young people.

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Sports; specifically, youth sports have become a staple of today 's society. Everyone can contribute towards the same. Their services may be utilised to combat offences like smuggling, black-marketing and hoarding. This can surely ensure rapid national development.

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Tianamen Square in Beijing, China witnessed a powerful demonstration. The teaching should make the students enable to shoulder the responsibility of national reconstruction. Whatever is done by the government for nation-building, affects the whole society —the young and the old alike.

So, the youth play, probably the most crucial of roles in national development. It is a great national wastage of human resources if these strong hands are not allocated some suitable jobs.

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Many youths are not on the right way for nation's development. With both key market ownership statistics from ARPU by age to churn rates and behavioural patterns analyzed, we a good thesis statement for a research paper to help you better understand market direction and motivators.

The young people may be inspired and encouraged to adopt villages or other suitable units of operation in which they can concentrate on the all-round improvement. The policies and development works of a nation can only be carried out by the youth.

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Drug role of youth in nation building essay in english gives them physical and mental debilities and makes them unfit for any useful job. The term nation-building in its original sense referred to newly-independent nations in Africa to reshape colonial territories that had been carved out by colonial powers without regard to ethnic or other boundaries.

This manpower can do wonders provided its potential is tapped for the developmental projects of the nation. The youth should be kept occupied in schools and colleges with facilities for sports and entertainment. If bad activities of youths are not role of youth in nation building essay in english, it is not possible to build our nation.

If there is peace and youths are united, the national plans can easily be successful.

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There are many evil practices prevalent professional cover letter sample our society. Our government spends large amounts of funds on a number of organizations that are given charge of implementation of various schemes and programmes related to national development. It is for the national leaders to play their part by mobilising their abilities and providing them with suitable opportunities.

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Just getting educated, involving yourself in politics and making the rightful use of social media is not going to eradicate every single problem in this country. Without good education they will not be able to shoulder their future burdens. They can help the administration in creating public opinion against those who indulge in such unfair practices.

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They should not do such activities which are against national development. The trained and learned young men may bring about green revolution in the country. Further neglect in this vital area would push our society in serious trouble. We would suggest that the youth must be trained in vocational streams.

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Youth is that period in which revolutionary thoughts spring to mind and these thoughts shape the world we live in. Spirited youngmen can play a pivotal role in the socio-economic reconstruction of the society.

This country needs to win over poverty, role of youth in nation building essay in english access to proper health care and employment.

Role of youth in nation building Essay

By inspiring high ideals among the masses the students can make the nation great. In fact, youths play one of the most important roles in nation building.

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The massive youth movement in Czechoslovakia succeeded against the military invasion of their country. Those between the age of 15 to form more than 50 per cent of the total population.

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It would be more accurate to say that the youth working in tandem with the government decide the fate of a nation and its coming generations. They should keep their bodies healthy and active. Young people are social actors of change and progress. He is unable to do anything for the good of his country or to himself. Education empowers you with the ability to think, to tell the right from the wrong and good from the bad.

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Mere preaching and teaching in incomplete and insufficient. These activities are not the role of youths.

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They are badly influenced by media and imported cultures. These bad habits affect their health directly or indirectly. If we do not control the infiltration and usage of drugs like Hashish and Marijuana in India, the youths are likely to fall into a dreadly trap of drugs which would prove to be a total disaster for our young minds. They how to write citations in an essay preach ideas of secularism in the country.

India is a large country with a population of crore individuals.

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Many of them committed self-immolation.

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