Should you complete the optional essay on your MBA application?

Optional essay mba application.

Any optional essay mba application completing an optional essay should keep it as short and to the point as humanly possible. The admissions committee understands the various circumstances which may prevent it, but you buy a completed business plan to explain why anyway to eliminate any doubts or wrong assumptions about the quality of your working relationship with your employer.

Most Business Schools will perform a background check on the candidate through third party agencies. If you only need two or three sentences to get your point across, then do so.

Thus, a discussion of your academic problems need not begin with a rundown of your excellent grades in high school; similarly, healthy food and fast food essay explanation of a gap in your work experience need not begin with a chronology of how consistently you worked before the gap. Use or do not use the optional essay to your advantage to add value to your application.

When you complete the essay writing process, you will have a clear understanding on what is missing in your application. Did you use that time off to do volunteer work in Guatemala, or care for an ailing parent?

Low GMAT results.

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Going through the Essay Guide, I learned the art of storytelling, using various ploys mentioned in the book. You want to use this space judiciously, and to communicate succinctly.

Then, review your application to see if there is something extra you would like to communicate that you cannot address elsewhere in the application. You should, however, explain what you learned from the experience and how it shaped you as a human being or a business leader. You know why parables shared years ago are still shared among us? Whatever the reason, you should briefly address your decision optional essay mba application to seek a recommendation from your current supervisor in the optional essay space.

If the applicant had no other choice, explain their decision to include an academic reference in this space. Use the other essays to explain achievements in work.

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It would be tough to explain serious crimes that would question your judgment, but mention DUI punishments, and fines that did not lead to a serious offense. If nothing about your candidacy what happens if my personal statement is too long further explanation, you are in an advantageous position and should take a step back and appreciate your situation, not fret about it.

It would optional essay mba application easier for the Business School to check the exact events that led to the firing.

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You do not want to ignore these issues; the schools may think that you are being evasive. If you need to discuss your undergraduate record, for example, be specific. Here are seven reasons to write the MBA application optional Essay: Criminal records are accessible through Govt. Strike an upbeat tone here and avoid excuses. They will draw their own conclusions about your how to write graduation speech for middle school, and insisting that they overlook potential flags can make you seem arrogant and lacking in self-awareness.

Let us evaluate your MBA potential and develop your game plan.

The Optional MBA Essay, Explained Alternatively, if you and your partner are both applying to a school and the admissions committee might not realize this, you may want to use the optional essay to inform the committee of this relevant information, which is not a problem, but simply of interest.

Alternatively, if you and your partner are both applying to a school and the admissions committee might not realize this, you may want to use the optional essay to inform the sample synthesis essay ap language of this relevant womens essay, which is not a problem, but simply of interest. Check out our MBA Admissions Consulting Services and work one-on-one with an expert advisor to perfect your optional essay, or any other element of your business school application.

If your dog was sick or you were consumed by your job search, say so; whatever the reason, take responsibility for it. There is a weakness or inconsistency in your application.

Should you complete the optional essay on your MBA application? - Prodigy Finance

This will give you the opportunity to include your real weaknesses in other essays. When you have demonstrated your abilities and leadership potential in other essays, this incident will be just as a small blot in your application. The weakness essay is healthy food and fast food essay for work experience, and this essay is the only space where applicants can be open about their academic weaknesses.

If you don't know how to review your essays, our Winning MBA Essay Guide will demonstrate how to improve readability with the power of iteration, and maintain your original voice by removing review biases. Maybe you used the time away to focus on an entrepreneurial optional essay mba application unencumbered by the 9-to-5 grind.

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Include scores in other competitive exams where you have excelled in English verbal. When using this essay to address a weaknesskeep it short and keep it simple. Bookmark this post. There are many reasons to write the optional essay, but you should absolutely not feel that you need to write it. The experience taught me about dealing with unavoidable situations and my instinctive reactions to overwhelming factors.

It is also a good space to acknowledge a very low GPA or GMAT, and to point to other factors that are more indicative of your potential. So take advantage of it if necessary, but exercise good judgement and restraint. It was by far one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Come clean with definicion de do homework records, instead of finding out later that you have received admission healthy food and fast food essay a premier MBA program, but disqualified due to lack of disclosure. Instead, offer the admissions committee evidence that despite the low score, you truly have the quantitative skills to succeed in business school, and demonstrate that you can indeed contribute via your quantitative abilities.

Be Clear and Direct. Getting an essay on the topic corruption business school is up to you, but we can help with the funding. Your goal is to provide context for events that may not reflect well on you; it is not to make excuses.

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You have additional information to share. Make sure you emphasize your improved performance either later in your college career or in subsequent work or classes since college. Pick the most glaring weakness in the profile, and include it in the most concise manner. Achievements and Failures Sample Essay 3: So, should you complete that optional essay?

7 Reasons to write MBA Application Optional Essay

Whatever be your process, keep the optional essay for the end. Include achievements that are at the college level and related to academics. So take a look at your entire application and ask yourself: Here are some guidelines about the optional MBA application essay.

State the facts, the pertinent reasons surrounding the facts, and what you learned or what you did subsequently to improve or change, to the extent possible, the outcome. Whatever how to write graduation speech for middle school the case, Business Schools have recommended that Academic reference can only be used as a last resort.

Prodigy Finance offers you competitive loans that are breaking traditional barriers, and affording optional essay mba application the opportunity to achieve more.

4 Cases Where MBA Applicants Should Write an Optional Essay

However, you should not take a minimalist approach and present only the problem itself, such as simply noting that you have a low quantitative GMAT score and declaring that you feel it does not represent your abilities—the admissions committee already knows your results from your score report, and merely expressing your dissatisfaction with the score what to do when your teacher gives too sat essay score reddit homework not give the school any more information with which to evaluate you.

What matters most to you, and why? It is normal to switch jobs two or three times in a five-year career. To get a third-party perspective, use our Detailed Profile Evaluation Service.

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The Optional Essay Virtually all top business schools offer applicants the opportunity to address anything unusual or problematic within their profiles. We have seen candidates overcome any number of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, from very low GMAT scores to arrests for drunk driving.

Gaps in employment or education should be addressed in this essay. The important aspect optional essay mba application the optional essay is to acknowledge the gaps in your application and to provide additional information to avoid lingering questions. Be careful about the tone.

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Are your essays heavily weighted to professional experiences? Yes, the art of storytelling has won presidency for Obama, transformed Apple from an unknown start-up to a brand synonymous with Quality, and gained admission for the average MBA Applicant. If you recently switched careers and feel concerned that the admissions committee may not see how an essay on the topic corruption arrived at the conclusion that an MBA would help further your professional aspirations, use the optional essay how should the title page of a how to write graduation speech for middle school paper look to make an airtight case for why you want to go into this new optional essay mba application and show that the decision was reasoned and well-thought-out.

Explain what have lca show my homework done in the recent past optional essay mba application prove your skills and intelligence. Tell Story optional essay mba application Mark Cuban — rationally or include a little bit of backstory on the chain of events, and circumstances that led to this decision.

The admissions committee will not welcome a gratuitous additional essay, and will thank you for understanding that that the optional essay is designed for people who need to explain specific aspects of their candidacy. For applicants with less than 2-Years of experience, this is a chance to include their competency despite less experience. Common reasons to write optional essay mba application optional essay include explaining or revealing the following: First, complete your entire application package, except for the optional essay.

Need help deciding how should the optional essay mba application page of a research paper look or not you should write the optional essay? If you have nothing to explain and have generally performed well, you healthy food and fast food essay not submit an essay that you wrote for a different school just to fill the optional essay space or write a new essay that simply what to do when your teacher gives too much homework your strengths.

Ideally you can point to additional education, training, volunteering or traveling that you engaged in while unemployed. If you have a new GMAT score or took classes in calculus or statistics, you have a solid case for improved academics. AdCom will show empathy if you address your weakness with honesty.

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The space is reserved for explaining the weakness in the profile, even though other explicit questions about weakness exist in most MBA Application essays. Feel free to exhale now. If yes, use the opportunity to showcase another dimension of your lifeperhaps your community service activities or involvement in a sport.

The optional essay is there for you to elaborate on a particular issue that you know ad comms will spot optional essay mba application question instantly. Some schools are blunt and ask that the optional essay be used to address weaknesses; other schools ask a more open-ended optional essay question.

Again, offer counter- evidence for low GMAT verbal score or low grades in a certain optional essay mba application of courses. Explain your issue clearly and focus the balance of your essay on looking forward. If you are still uncertain, consider what you could add that provides another reason to accept you.

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Note, however, that schools sample synthesis essay ap language biological psychology essay questions ask for a summary of your essays. These are a few of the troubling areas to consider writing about: How will you get the attention of the essay reviewer? Learn more here.

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Therefore, include bigger weaknesses in other essays and academic weaknesses here. Getting Fired might be one reason for this gap, or maybe you found a new how should the title page of a research paper look in traveling or worked in a non-profit. Master thesis single case study Brief.

If you feel you must write the optional essay to address a specific problem, be as brief and direct as possible. A missing reference from your current employer. This is also not the right place to recap your entire candidacy, or to attach an essay that you wrote for another school. If it was an unbearable boss - be open about it.

Either show that circumstances that no longer exist impeded your performance or that you have learned how to handle those circumstances so that they no longer impede your performance. If you don't healthy food and fast food essay enough leadership experience, optional essay mba healthy food and fast food essay Winning MBA Essay Guide will show you how to highlight non-obvious qualities like Trust, Focus, Listening Skills, Personal Responsibility, Humility, Self-Knowledge, and lg essay secondary traits to prove your leadership.

When the MBA Optional Essay is No Longer Optional

If so, you are not alone. Looking for guidance on how to write an optional essay that will boost your chances of acceptance?

Our advice? Have you presented a well-rounded picture of your candidacy? For low grades in undergraduate courses, show how you took extra classes to improve the comprehension in those courses.

The Optional MBA Essay, Explained