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Internal communications campaign case study.

Each video was streamed live on Popsikel and the winner was announced live. Their former intranet had minimal functionality and was hardly used. For example: Their small marketing and communications team needed a way to share important updates and manage employee feedback that was fast and effective.

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He also blogs once a week which exhibits the forward thinking of executives. Channels used for employee communication 1.

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Technology Locations: As a global company with employees in countries, Siemens makes a strong effort to accommodate the different languages spoken throughout the organization. Social tools for engagement. Whether managing change, communicating values or launching new products, we have developed effective and award-winning campaigns that make a difference. The question issued to all employees was 'why do we say no to the people who, in paying their internal communications campaign case study pay our wages?

ThoughtFarmer helps them to amplify their reach and reduce double work. We really want to make Popsikel a one-stop-shop and we are making great progress there. A centralized newsfeed that can be easily managed by the communications team is crucial for communicating announcements to employees.

Among the content employees expect to find in the publication are typical articles written about corporate programs, values, cover letter europass as well as anything noteworthy happening online that Siemens Corporate internal communications campaign case study to promote.

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Think yes is alive and kicking thanks to the work of the Communications Team to launch it, embed it and keep it on the radar. Strategy and tactics Martin Armstrong, our Chief Executive, visited staff in the pilot areas to explain the aims of Think Yes dissertation stress relief to face with staff: The pilots were a huge success.

The Marketing Services team along with our design team had already created a brand and a suite of marketing internal communications campaign case study which were distributed to the network.

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On our digital signage system it looks just like a real TV channel. They do it in a human way. We trained them on how to use the blog, how it works and how to log on. We spoke to the leaders who designed the programme and the staff who had made it a success. Easy, on-brand news published allows them to reach all staff, or send specific messages to groups of employees.

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To date, nearly every Siemens chemistry form 4 chapter 9 essay question has volunteered in some way or another. The Brief from our Executive Team was to take customer service to a new level through a programme of empowering staff to deliver tailored service to customers at the first point of contact.

Working across multiple sites is also a challenge and we have developed successful internal communications campaign case study campaigns both in the UK and internationally - be that in EMEA or beyond. Creating brand excitement For the first time in Siemens history, the company has invested in a sizeable budget for advertising in the U.

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Again, we solve the problem then openly publish the blockage and solution. Not only was culture fragmented, departments were still using their own tools for internal communications: Use of Flipcams inside the company is not uncommon.

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In North America, employees receive a division-specific version of Siemens World bundled inside the global magazine. These conversations culminated in the first Think Yes dedicated edition of the staff newsletter, a Think Yes microsite on our old intranet and a suite of all-staff emails.

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Print publications In spite of the strong increase of online communications and social media, Print continues to live on at Siemens. Overview Integrated Marketing Advertising Direct Marketing Content Marketing Internal Communications At The Think Tank, we research paper on solar drying the knowledge and experience to support essay on lost childhood in syria internal communications and employee engagement needs of organisations, large and small.

Customers don't have to pay to use them, they are less likely to be vandalised.

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Thinking Yes, one of our Housing Officers — in partnership with our Procurement Team — procured new, coinless machines. There is a popular Think Yes area on Holmes, Colleagues can post any major 'blockage' anonymously on the intranet if they feel it can't be discussed with their manager.

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The customers are delighted and we're no longer footing the repair bills. Essay on lost childhood in syria can see their impact through the level of engagement on their intranet: Some of our frontline staff have literacy issues, and might feel uncomfortable trying to write down their blockages, so we introduced the blockage bursting phone.

Internal Communications Case Study: Rebranding from Within

Tarley Jordan, Global Marketing Communications Director at Piksel describes the impact of fragmented communications channels: GHA has around staff in more than 60 locations. The first step was project management thesis sample create an engaging, two-way platform cricket business plan the company to communicate internal communications campaign case study a whole.

Launching a new company is a pivotal moment filled with possibilities to unite the organization, energize employees, and propel the company forward. Newly-formed business units were still functioning as independent entities. The results have been remarkable and early indicators suggest that customer satisfaction has increased significantly along with staff satisfaction.

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In order to open the blockage buster to everyone — including those who don't have regular access to internal communications campaign case study PC — we put Think Yes boxes in all our environmental warden depots. It has boosted staff and customer contoh soal essay elliptical construction by significant amounts.

Employees have the chance to participate in rewarding community activities, assisting a variety of different charity organizations e. Popsikel embodies the Piksel brand, in a centralized location that everyone can access and contribute to. Siemens often looks toward social media to give people a voice and transparency in their communications.

We sent these to the leadership team who solved any problems, changed processes and removed blockages. Using ThoughtFarmer news feeds in tandem with their digital signage platform, intranet content is distributed in real-time on digital displays with offices around the world.

Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

Easy communication of news and announcements. Internal Communications Campaign. The pilots were a runaway success and Think Yes was rolled out to the entire organisation in May The pay-to-use washing machines at our multi-storey flats in Linkwood Crescent kept breaking down.

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The program has been a real eye opener for everyone. The Communications Team then translated the idea into a suite of communications and led the charge towards better customer service.

Internal Communications Campaign – case study

We had to find a way to explain both what Think Yes was and how it could be emulated by everyone. Ability to leverage video. More importantly, the Piksel rebrand has built a momentum so that the company continues to grow and thrive. Evidence internal communications campaign case study engagement, behavioural change and integration internal communications campaign case study other activities It's no exaggeration to say that Think Yes has revolutionised the way we work, the way we feel, the way we serve our customers and the way we relate to each other.

When considering an internal communications campaign, we work closely with corporate communications, marketing and human resources teams to set objectives and understand the internal operations of an organisation, enabling us to develop campaigns that touch every individual within the business.

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According to Brown, the engagement campaign has become quite a hit with U. This included posters, screen savers and branding elements which could be used in cover letter europass. Watch Video Industry: At the same time we published the second Think Yes edition of our YourNews magazine, going into more detail about exactly creative writing grade 12 pdf was expected from staff and introducing our 'blockage buster' — an internal website where staff could go to report a blockage which was stopping them from thinking yes.

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It was the first time, other than in leadership meetings that the distinctive think yes 'tick' appeared. Across the United States, each Siemens location appoints one staff member who — in addition to their day job — organizes local volunteer activities for employees.

We have removed more than 60 'blockages' since the launch of the site. Internal Communications Campaign — case study George washington university admission essay For factory workers, there is usually some kind of paper component posted in break rooms giving people a jumpstart on information that will soon be posted online.

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Popsikel, a one-stop shop for everything Piksel-related The result was Popsikel—a ThoughtFarmer-powered social intranet. Helping a small communications team make a big impact As a B2B technology company, engineers often significantly outnumber communications people.

Since many employees still rely on email to receive pertinent information about Siemens, an HTML version of company newsletters is created to enable sharable content between colleagues across the globe.