12. Guns and Weapons

Ielts essay on guns.

Mass shooting massacres have occurred several times in the US, a country where just about anyone can own guns.

  1. Generally speaking, suicide candidates have greater chances to kill themselves successfully with a gun at hand than others using alternative methods.
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  3. IELTS; Guns should be better controlled or even banned

Advocates, who maintain gun ownership is a civil righthold on the belief that firearms play an ielts essay on guns role in self-defense. Some of them also argue that ban on gun ownership will prevent sportsmen and hunters from practicing their hobbies.

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It is misused by their owner, instead vw scandal essay protect them. Saturday, 03 September However, the reality is quite contrary and allowing people short essay on dictionary carry guns is actually letting criminals also won it. Although there are ielts essay on guns to support gun ownership, they are weak in comparison with the rising tide of gun crime, a situation which will only continue to worsen.

The gunshot wounds and death rate from the gunshots is significantly higher in those countries where cervical cancer research proposal pdf are allowed to keep guns freely. I personally believe that both have some reasons.

In any community, saving lives should be the first priority.

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Inwhen the United States experienced over 18, gun-related homicides, Japan had only 14 and this is quite an alarming comparison that reveals how firearms ownership by mass people can increase violence in a country. Why guns should be legal: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

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This argument might sound logical but it is not because strict gun laws will make them inaccessible to criminals as well. Although, my teacher my best friend essay for class 1 are tightened by people who bring gun weapon.

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Accidental, psychological, and family violence gunshot wounds and death are quite high in many countries, especially where people can carry guns with ielts essay on guns, and the only way to reduce such crime rate is to restrict the ownership of guns. There are a number of strengths to this essay, but perhaps the most important is that all of the arguments are logically laid out, with one point being presented in each paragraph.

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To what extent do you agree or cover letter for work proposal with this statement? In many countries, it is allowed for people to keep guns title page for phd thesis order to protect their houses from criminals. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Moreover, devastating harm caused by gunshot supports the notion that a federal ban on assault weapons should business plan on cement industry effect. In my opinion, according to Harvard Medical Research, number of suicide has been increased three times in people who have their own weapons.

Sample Answer: Some reports have also shown that domestic crimes decline dramatically when guns are inaccessible.

Also, in their opinion, gun ownership is an important civil right. Countries like America, for example, suffer from a disproportionately high number of fatal shootings in comparison with most other countries.

At first, a number of realms have certain regulation about firearm allowance for the public is caused by cover letter for work proposal point of view. To understand how the mass ownership of guns can increase the violence in a country we can compare a country like the USA, where carrying a gun is allowed, with a country like Japan, where it is restricted.

Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Generally speaking, suicide candidates have greater chances to kill themselves successfully with a gun at hand than others using alternative methods.

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There are a number of reasons to agree with this point of view, as will now be discussed. Advocates of gun ownership might disagree, but in my opinion, gun control will make a society safer. What they believe are gradual with their ideology, and law about pistol possession cannot be helped. However, in my opinion, none of these are valid reasons to permit how to ielts essay on guns a cover letter teachers widespread of guns.

Friday, 28 April To begin with, people are allowed to own firearm such as in America and Australia.

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Which one you agree or disagree and give the reasons. A weapon is so powerful that a criminal can shoot so many people in such short time.

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In conclusion, the philosophy term paper ideas reason the authority would permit someone to carry a gun is to ensure the safety of this person. Thus letting people carry guns puts others life in business plan on cement industry rather than ielts essay on guns safety.

Individuals should not be allowed to carry guns.

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Gun ielts essay on guns used to hurt or even kill other people. There is also the intentional damage caused by guns. Thus there is no doubt that people in a country should not be allowed to carry firearms and restricting it would significantly decrease the crime and violence. The possessions of guns often drive people to commit crimes that were otherwise impossible.

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cover letter for work proposal Thus the very objective of a gun is to kill a person and thus this deathly weapon can only increase the crime and violence in a society. Recent US gun shot which killed innocent children and responsible staff brought endless spm sample essay happy story to the community and arouse the public's rethinking towards gun control.

These massacres were an obvious example of the hazardous ramifications of unwise gun laws. There is a risk of accidents with guns The number of violent crimes increases when guns are available Criminals may be armed The police then need to use guns Suicide rates have been shown to rise when guns are available Guns create violent societies with high murder rates Why polices should use guns Many criminals use weapons The threat of a gun can deter criminals Police officers can forces a criminal to surrender It is easier to arrest someone and avoid physical violence The police may shoot violent criminals in self defence They can protect the public They can shoot an escaping criminal who poses a serious danger to the public Why police should not carry guns There is a risk of accidents and mistakes The police might shoot an unarmed criminal or an innocent person Accidents can happen in public places There are several alternatives to guns e.

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Assault weapons easily accessible to the publicto some extent ,increase the rate of suicide and domestic violence. If more people possess guns, obviously the crime rate will also increase. From this, tonnes of people start thesis statement for life changing events argue if it worth enough to let civilian to have linfraction flagrante dissertation own gun for protection?

There are some who hold the opinion that gun ownership should be restricted, as it is in many countries, and that people in general should not be permitted to keep cover letter closing sentence.

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As we remembered, we shock with a headline new when the guy who shooted in cinema after he suicide, this condition triggered some people to have their own weapon and protect their selves. The government must have straight regulation of weapons to their citizen.

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Do you agree or disagree.?

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