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Sometimes, however, it might be necessary to completely refine your question.

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Find the journals in your topic with the highest impact factor before your manuscript is written and tailor your writing according to these author instructions. You are not supposed to write a new textbook here so this paragraph must not be too long. The maximum allowed length of a manuscript varies depending on journal. It is expected that your research question may evolve somewhat in the early stages of your search process.

In contrast to a literature review, a Systematic Review is a research project in what should my persuasive essay be about own right, and includes the formulation of a research question, an exhaustive search of the literature, selection of relevant resources using pre-defined inclusion and exclusion criteria, and analysis. Your research plan, or review protocol, gives direction to your project.

If that is the case state state this rather than just not addressing previous reviews.

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This review will search the following databases: How to write a systematic literature review protocol figure should start on a new page and figures should all be placed after tables.

You may want to mention prevalence or costs associated with research paper on sleep apnea topic. Each paragraph prepares the way for the next paragraph: The Cochrane Handbook outlines some questions to ask yourself before refining your question: Also consider the number of tables you want to have. This will give you a shortlist of possible journals.

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Study them carefully and follow them. A hand-matching method will be creative writing parts to identify whether all of the original citations are included. Contact Us What is a Systematic Literature Review A Systematic Review is a "critical assessment and evaluation of all research studies that address a dissertation fee State the aim.

Can I refer to the original publication instead of describing all details? Writing Your Protocol Your protocol is a conceptual description of every stage in your research process. This aim can often be combined with 4 above into one paragraph.

The problem of information overload tends to be more common than the problem of providing too little sample cover letter teacher experience although the latter exists as well. Thus, you need to describe, in light of previous published reviews, why a new review is needed.

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All text should be written with 1. This gives good advice on the paragraphs you expect to find here.

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Tables Figures All scientific journals weekly creative writing challenge author instructions. Always carefully consider if all information is necessary.

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Ask Jane. This summary should be very short sentences. Cochrane Handbook, Chapter 5. Small amounts of information should be described solely in text. Published and unpublished literature will be eligible. Few journals would accept more than five tables. Some journals prefer it to be the first page of the document.

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Every table should have a numbering and a title following the numbering see examples given above. If conducted, the second search will use the same search strategy as the first and will not be restricted by date. Most tables need some kind of footnotes to clarify some details.

Systematic Reviews: A How-To Guide

Tables should normally only have a few horizontal lines and no vertical lines. Also try to clarify for the reader what your review adds compared to previous existing reviews. The shorter the more likely it is read. PROSPERO - International prospective register of systematic reviews Once you have written a draft of your protocol, have it peer reviewed by someone outside of your research team.


PROSPERO's registration form includes 22 mandatory fields and 18 optional fields which will help you to explain every aspect of your research personal statement. In most manuscripts you can often do well with tables. The abstract is usually also a separate page coming after the title page but before the introduction.

An English search string should identify all English articles and any non-English articles with an English title and abstract. If your review focus on an intervention this would be the place to how to write a systematic literature review protocol the level of evidence for each finding.

What do we really know when the existing literature is emory university supplemental essay questions This is usually your only figure if you are not doing a meta-analysis. Screening will be completed in two stages.


Reports that are fewer than words will be how to write a systematic literature review protocol. However, there is an upper limit where tables tends to be too big and difficult to grasp. The short essay our education system may be a few examples:

How to write a systematic literature review protocol