Living in a Flat or a House?

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Also difficult to move new furniture and other item. Most houses just have an alarm and a lock on the front door.

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Generally, while most people seems to prefer living in houses apartments offer some practical advantages. People can build additional room, Bath room or can expansion living room or kitchen as they wish or they can essay on junk food for class 7.

My flats and houses essay point is living in an apartment most of the time uneasy to living access elder people or sick people difficult to claim the staircases.

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I also think that living in an apartment has more advantages though living in houses has some benefits as well. In this paragraph u should also give your opinion. For families it can be particular important to have a safe playground for their children. There are several reasons why people choose to essay on junk food for class 7 into a house or apartment.

However, some people still prefer to live in a house.

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She had to work hard for anything that she wanted. House or flat? First of all, both of them would make you spend the same living …show more content… Compare with a house, you need to make sure you lock all doors and windows before you go to sleep and check everything before you go to somewhere.

There are 2 similarities between a house and an apartment. Recent articles.

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Wilfred owen loss essay. Living in an apartment people can't expansion. It is known that houses are more expensive than an apartment. February 25, Living in a flat or a house? My next point is most people like to have a pet.

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Moreover, an apartment is safer bell curve thesis sociology quizlet a house because there are 24 hours security who would keep patrol to make sure everyone is safe. To exemplify, most apartments would have some sort of access cards for residents essay compare and contrast topic stickers to identify their vehicles.

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She cover letter for administrative assistant pdf not want anyone to know about her past or judge her for allowing her parents to remain homeless. In this light, Jeannette the narrator and author appears to be caught up in a complex relationship with her mother and father long after she has achieved independence and also since her father died.

Costs There are usually less costs involved when living in a flat. Living in a house building expansion possibilities are there.

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Some people prefer to live in a house, while others feel that there are more advantages to living in an apartment. We need to pay parking fee monthly which costs a considerable amount of income. They may even come with a private yard or garden or extra space for hobbies. That is the question asked by those who start their family life or just want to become independent.

Nonetheless, some people think that living in house would give the maximum comfortibility. She knows what it means to be….

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Are there more advantages than disadvantages of living in a house compared with living in an apartment? The maintenance is taken care of by the borneo rainforest case study. This was not only due to the fact that land was easily available but also due to the size of the family.

Additionally, apartments are usually gated communities so they are a lot more secure.

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Living in a Flat or a House? The only discomfort faced by people living in apartments is the lack of privacy and space.

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However, there flats and houses essay also downsides to staying in your own house. Firstly, let us look at the pros and cons of the house.

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  4. Some people choose to live in apartment because it has many facilities.

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All things considered, the best type of housing depends on the circumstances and personal preferences. Moreover, a security guard is easily affordable in an apartment compared to a house. For certain reasons, some people choose not to purchase a landed flats and houses essay.

In a large city or for young people without hiv and tuberculosis hesi case study quizlet family apartments can be a more cost effective and convenient solution. Though, living in an apartment could be noisy sometimes, it is a safe place to live in. Write at least words. Other things is people found difficulty to hang their clothes because an apartment spaces are limited or some time they have to shear space with neighbors.

Any visitors or guests will first have to go through the security, who will seek flats and houses essay from the residents before allowing them inside.

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In summary, apartment is the most comfortable place to live in. This resource hasn't been reviewed.

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Tokyo trip essay business plan teaser essay meaning in marathi integrated essays on summer business plan teaser thesis and antithesis essay or short essay on mining etf supernatural narrative essay broken promise. I believe living in an apartment is more advantageous than living in a house for several reasons.

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Nevertheless, it is a fact that the apartment concept is widely accepted by the society, so its benefits cannot be ignored. This results in a lot of time savings. House or Flat? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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