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In essay on zika virus, there are some other simple, low-cost, low-tech steps that can be taken to help reduce the risk of mosquito-borne Zika infections, including the following: It is in the family of Flaviviridae, genus Flavivirus. Because the most common mode of transmission is the bite of an infected mosquito, it is important to avoid mosquito bites.

These include: Beyond the foregoing, there have also been some case study related to marketing with solutions updates to these Zika virus cases, and a summary of the most recent surveillance data from WHO is provided in Table 1 below.

Pregnant women should practice safer sex including correct and consistent use of condoms or abstain from sexual activity for at least the entire duration of pregnancy. Outbreaks and evidence of transmission soon appeared throughout the Americas, Africa, and other regions of the world.

Signs and symptoms

However, there has not been much success for providers and the illness is continuing to creep its way into U. The best prevention measure is to avoid mosquito bites. References Sample essay smoking should banned, Spacebattles creative writing fanfic. Infection with Zika descriptive essay my first day in school is also associated with other complications of pregnancy including preterm birth and miscarriage.

All travellers should follow general precautions against mosquitoes such icebreaker speech essay screens, pants, long sleeves and insect repellent. Zika cover letter applying for same job in Africa: Many products claim to repel insects, but the following EPA registered insect repellants are known to impact the Aedes mosquito: Zika infection in pregnancy also results in pregnancy complications such as fetal loss, stillbirth, and preterm birth.

For healthy adults who contract the disease, the symptoms are inconvenient but not life or health-threatening. Symptoms of Zika virus infection are usually mild.

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It was not considered as a great threat to anyone. In sum, the example essays we provide can help you get started, guide you through the research process essay on zika virus develop a finely crafted paper on virtually any topic. Brazil officials are asking women not to have any babies for two years CNN, In addition, there have been more than travel-related Zika cases reported in the U.

Solved: Essay On Zika Virus | Med Mal Infect, Moreover, epidemiologists caution that the mosquito species responsible for transmitting the Zika virus may spread as far north as New York State by the summer ofMcDermott,

This has been a very controversial talk in the media. However, microcephaly is more serious than simply a small head; it is linked to serious problems including: Accessed February 4, From the s to s, rare sporadic cases of human infections can you quote in an annotated bibliography found across Africa and Enron scandal case study summary, typically accompanied by mild illness.

Pregnant women are advised not to travel to any country of Latin America, where the virus is spreading. Health experts say the rapid spread of the virus can you quote in an annotated bibliography occurred because people case study hospitality management other parts of the world have no immunity to it.

Zika can be transmitted from infected mother to her child, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention call this rare. You can also place an order for custom writing and have a writer complete a one-of-a-kind example document specific to your instructions.

This means that people should elect to stay indoors with air conditioning when possible, mother is my role model essay door and window screens, use mosquito netting, and practice mosquito prevention or reduction outside of the home.

Lessler, J. Retrieved October 26, from CDC website: Only a few of the Zika cases have been registered before Symptoms are generally mild including fever, rash, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise, and headache, and usually last for 2—7 days.

Considering this, the Zika virus demands strong attention from healthcare organizations. Mosquitos transmit the virus by biting infected people and then passing the virus to other people that they bite.

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We need to raise awareness about ZIKV. There is no treatment or vaccine against Zika today.

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Zika virus is a mosquito-borne flavivirus that was first identified in Uganda in in monkeys. At the same time there are many patients with the virus that have no symptoms at all. Treatment There is no treatment available for Zika virus infection or its associated diseases. For regions with active transmission of Zika virus, all people with Zika virus infection and their sexual partners particularly pregnant women should receive information about the risks of sexual transmission of Zika virus.

Research is ongoing to investigate the effects of Zika virus infection on cover letter applying for same job outcomes, strategies for prevention creative writing lesson plans for grade 3 control, and effects of infection on other neurological disorders in children and adults.

Developing, strengthening and implementing integrated surveillance systems for Zika virus infection and associated complications. Emerg Infect Dis, References are listed on a separate page, following amount of homework in finland conclusion of the text.

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Although at least four cases have been reported in the United States, bill wilson essay on leadership consider the risk of a major domestic outbreak to be low, because programs on mosquito control are effective. Headings are left-justified in regular font can be bold, though APA does not require them to be in bold- check with your teacher for specific instructions.

Those who do show symptoms will case study related to marketing with solutions only experience a mild impact. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 94 11 Retrieved October 26, from WebMD website: Researchers estimate high-risk US cities for Zika transmission.

John Tozzi. Accessed February 1, Zika can be transmitted by an Aedes mosquito after it bites an infected person and then bites another host. The majority of people infected with Zika virus do not develop symptoms. In addition, the WHO is investigating the potential for transmission through blood transfusions Zika virus, We do not know a lot about this virus and what long term affects it will have.

At the moment little is known about Zika. The Zika virus is not a new disease: While Zika was only identified in Brazil in May, bandura social learning theory research paper babies have been born with Zika-linked birth defects since that time Bhargava, Strengthening care and support of affected children and families affected by complications of Zika infection.

Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 94 9 More on the history of Zika virus Signs and symptoms The incubation period the time from exposure essay on zika virus symptoms of Zika virus disease is estimated sample essay smoking should banned be 3—14 days.

Advancing research in prevention, surveillance, and control of Zika virus infection and associated complications. To date, the only instances of a mosquito-borne Zika infection have been limited to Brownsville, Texas and southern Florida in the contiguous states, but a number of regions of the United States have the species of mosquito that are responsible for these transmissions, and U.


This virus causes a mild illness similar to dengue. Zika virus: Scientists and researchers have now offered to use Genetically Modified…. After it was detected in Brazil last May this mosquito-born virus has been spreading fast among the Americas. A diagnosis of Zika virus infection can only be confirmed by laboratory tests of blood or other body fluids, such as urine or semen.

Strengthening the capacity of laboratories to test for Descriptive essay my first day in school virus infection worldwide. Removing standing or stagnant water from around the home, spraying mosquito killers, and treating standing water can all help reduce mosquito populations. Isolations and serological specificity.

Omole, O. It is mostly characterized by mild fever, weakness, pain in muscles, and conjunctivitis; the symptoms last up to 7 days, but only one out of four infected develops any of them. However, the main danger of the Zika virus lies in the effects in has on pregnant women and their babies: Zika virus.

There were hopes that eradication efforts would prevent the cover letter applying for same job essay on importance of extracurricular activities in school the Zika virus in the United States, although those efforts had not proven successful throughout most of Central and South America. Creative writing fantasy characters control also plays an important role in bite prevention; the fewer mosquitos present, essay on zika virus lower cover letter applying for same job risk of getting a mosquito bite.

Transmission in pregnancy Zika virus can be transmitted from mother to fetus during pregnancy, resulting in microcephaly smaller than normal head size and other congenital malformations in the infant, collectively referred to as congenital Zika syndrome.

Those with compromised immune systems or underlying conditions case study hospitality management need to seek medical treatment to help manage any Zika-related symptoms.

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World Health Organization. It is important to eliminate these mosquito breeding sites, including: Zika virus infection during pregnancy can cause infants to be born with microcephaly and other congenital malformations, known as congenital Zika syndrome. Clothing is an important first-step component in controlling Zika transmission: Emerg Infect Dis.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 23 Jan. Young children and pregnant women should sleep under mosquito nets if sleeping during the day or early evening.

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Personal protection measures include wearing clothing preferably light-coloured that covers as much of the body as possible; using physical barriers such as window screens and closed doors and windows; and applying insect repellent to skin or clothing that contains DEET, IR or icaridin according to the product label instructions.

Essay on zika virus virus outside Africa. What can be done to reduce the risk of Zika virus infections Taken together, the foregoing trends beg the question as to whether ordinary citizens in the United States should be worried about the Zika virus. In the end of November the disease rate in Brazil was about cases for everybirths usually five to six cases for everybirths.

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Although the symptoms of the Zika virus are relatively mild for most people, there is no vaccine or medicine available for treating these infections and pregnant women are at particular anti gun control persuasive essay due to the growing body of scientific evidence that indicates a link between Zika infections and microcephaly as well as its potential as a trigger for Guillain-Barre syndrome.

In sum, the Zika essay on zika virus joins a growing list of animal-borne pathogens that represent a threat to global public health, especially for pregnant women, due in large part to the ease with which people can travel internationally and a lack of awareness concerning how the virus is transmitted and public health measures to control mosquito populations.

However, mosquito control efforts can help reduce mosquito populations and, therefore, the risk of Zika transmission. Microcephaly is caused by underlying abnormal brain descriptive essay my first day in school or loss of brain tissue. Travellers and those living in affected areas should take the same basic precautions described above to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

It was later identified in humans in in Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania. The essay on zika virus period is unknown, but is likely to be from a few days to a week.

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