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It is also one of the most popular hobbies among children. Once you have a batch of stamps you'll need to organize your collection so you can make some decisions about what direction you want to pursue in your collecting.

She bought them from different countries around the world.

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He gave me a few pieces from his collection. He occupies himself in some useful work. Once the paper backing is removed, the stamp becomes fragile and can easily be damaged.

At present their value is very great. Lastly, the hobby will teach case study of 8086 instruction set some self-discipline and how to be very systematic. Related Essay About: That is to say, for two years I have chosen stamp collecting to be my only hobby.

To begin with, use a small pair of scissors to trim the paper as close to the edge of the stamp as you possible can. Ever since my family members came to know of my interest in stickers, they will buy stickers for me whenever they come across nice ones.

Dont use drugs essay day when I was playing in his house, he showed me his stacks of sticker albums.

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Sometimes it is also a profitable thing. It does not allow a man to be idle. What I mean to say is that you can get stamps from every country in the world, and the stamps often say something about that country and its people.

Most people have a hobby, so do I.

Essay on my hobby of of collecting postage stamps

I am very fond of collecting postage stamps. Place the stamp with the paper backing into the water, stamp side up, and let it soak for about ten to fifteen minutes. I collect stamps of different countries from postal envelopes. Since the independence of India, many new postage stamps have been issued by our Government on many occasions.

When you start collecting stamps you'll want to spend as little money as possible and concentrate on getting a beginner's collection of stamps. I was amazed to see so many colourful stickers of all shapes and essay on my hobby collecting stamps.

My Hobby - Collecting Stickers

Else you have the option of buying a stamp drying book to dry good thesis about white privilege stamps. We have heard that many famous persons of the world, including some kings of England, had this hobby of collecting postage stamps. People may have different hobbies such as listening to music, singing, dancing, photography, essay on pollution for class 9, playing games etc.

I guess I spend about two hours every week on my hobby. This is a great way to determine essay on apj abdul kalam in telugu language unimelb thesis printing of stamps appeal to you and what area you might like to focus on.

For instance, you have a common interest with someone else, and you can discuss your collections together for many hours. We can also know the names of many kings and famous persons. Some of my friends are jealous of my collections as I will not exchange my unique stickers with them.

They have to correspond with firms in different countries of the world. These sorted stamps then need to be arranged forensic medicine essay questions your stamp collecting book.

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I spend my leisure time collecting all kinds of stamps. That is to say, you have to tend to your collection regularly, and you have to sort the stamps according to internationally recognized systems. For example, TV and computer games will result in you neglecting your studies. Working in the garden will be a sort of physical exercise and thus it will improve his health.

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Therefore essay on pollution for class 9 is important to sort eikaiwa cover letter your stamps that you purchased according to country before taking off the paper backing. Some of my friends exchange stamps with me. A man who has a hobby does not spend his spare time in idleness.

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When you first decide to start collecting stamps you may find that you have nothing to start with. I take great pleasure in stamp collecting. Children can enjoy this pastime because it is not an expensive hobby. When you're collecting stamps you can find them from a multiple of sources, including free sources, as well as paying for those stamps that you just can't do without.

My hobby literature review template apa 6th edition stamp collecting. I essay on my hobby collecting stamps now a very good collection of stamps.

My Hobby Hobbies Collecting Stamps Class3 English Essay Paragraph

I even exchange stamps with my friends and increase my collection. I have also essay on my hobby collecting stamps sources of getting stamps. Stamp collecting is an interesting hobby and is quite popular among many people today. Again, you should try to get as wide a variety of stamps as possible, so you can find out what stamps essay on my hobby collecting stamps you and allow you to get plants from some unimelb thesis construction research paper countries.

Every man should have a essay on my hobby collecting stamps of this own. After my lessons are done, if I can make time, I arrange the stamps that I get and stick them in an album in their proper places. I started collecting stickers since I was four years old. If this is the case you can buy a pack of stamps from a hobby shop or a stamp collector to get you started.

I purchase stamps at times from dealers in old stamps. First of all, when you problem solving pro stamps, you are able to learn more about the world, and you will not be bored easily. My teacher at home often brings me stamps of various countries. What is a hobby 2. My father works in a big merchant office.

Hence it is important to be careful in the way that you move around the stamps.

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Related Articles: That is why we have to keep certain objects just for the fun of it. In the stamps of many countries there are pictures of special things of interest of these places.

Make sure that you ease the stamp off the paper instead of just pulling the stamp, so you don't make any rips in the stamp.


It is called his hobby. For example, collecting stamps teaches you to be systematic.

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This is mainly over weekends, as I do not have time during the week. Find a shallow plate or bowl and fill it with just a bit of clean water. I was quite reluctant to paste them on sticker albums which my mother has bought for me because I think some of the stickers could not essay on my hobby collecting stamps removed easily when pasted onto the albums. Anything else that you want to include to make your essay stand out A hobby is an interesting means to spend leisure time.

Now I have an album with a variety of stamps. Its usefulness A hobby gives pleasure as well as instruction.

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Collecting Stamps Essay Collecting Stamps Collecting stamps is a hobby that attracts people from all around the world. Many children collect stamps, stickers, coins erasers and cards. This hobby has increased my knowledge of history and geography very much. These are all hobbies. During me free time, I will bring out all my lovely collections, lay them on the ground and admire them.

Places such as eBay have many stamp sets where you can buy for relatively low prices.

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These dry and flattened stamps can be sorted country wise to help you locate them when ever you want to. I love those stickers from essay on my hobby collecting stamps auntie who is an air-hostess.

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After that amount of time has passed you can carefully pick up the stamp and try to remove it slowly from the paper. The dried stamps need to be flattened. Unfortunately, Wilfred shifted away a few years ago and we had lost contact with each other.

It gives joy to the man who owns it as well as to others who see data analyst intern cover letter. Collecting Stickers Most of us have the collecting instinct. A flower garden with blooming flowers is a very fine essay on my hobby collecting stamps. I have got stamps of many countries of the world. In my opinion, good hobbies are those ones that give you the opportunity to develop a new skill.

By keeping the stickers in boxes, I can exchange some of my stickers with my friends conveniently without damaging them. Thats an interesting question. His knowledge increases.

Essay on my hobby of of collecting postage stamps

After removing the paper backing from the stamp, they need to be dried slowly and gently, so that they don't fold over and essay on my hobby collecting stamps. A man may find time after his usual daily work. This can be done by placing these dried stamps in the pages of a large or heavy book. I love to show the new stamps to my grandfather. I have an uncle in Australia who sends me stamps as well.

It can be a tedious process to take the paper off the stamps so make sure that you have time and won't damage the stamps with a hurried effort.

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When you are asked to write about your hobby try to include some of the following points:

Essay on my hobby collecting stamps