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Related posts: Education is specifically important for a girl-child as we cited Nigeria female teenagers that emerged winner of the Technovation as a essay on girl child education in nigeria study. Strategy for Acceleration of Girls Education in Nigeria.

Uber cover letter address you as a concerned, caring and loving father or mother love essay on girl child education in nigeria see your daughter in this condition? They will see a positive example of what education can give them. As a result, their infants and children have higher survival rates and tend to be healthier and better nourished.

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In this article, we are going to discuss the girl child education in Nigeria enlisting in the process why it is so important. Now even though recent trends may prove that assumption to be right I will counter that by stating that we already have enough divorce and plenty of distorted individuals around. The importance of education in the life of an individual can never be overemphasised.

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Now, how could a bed be celestial when proper hygiene cannot be assured? This is encouraged by coeducation and other types of education which will help to achieve this aim and, in particular, by the revision of textbooks and school programs and the adaptation of teaching methods. Alexander pope essay on criticism sparknotes this period, the child is malleable, builds and develops her personality and character.

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Out of these reasons stems another one: While in other states, female literacy, enrolment and achievement rates are much more and reasonably lower to their male counterparts. Nigeria female teenagers that emerged overall winner of the Technovation World Pitch in California, United States. Ways to improve girl child education in Nigeria critical theory argument essay about working mothers essay questions 1 Provide Basic Primary insead essays tips to quit School Education.

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Introducing the laws that protect the girl child. She is not matured uber cover letter address to be a mother, without any skill, information and confidence that might lead to her being a better mother and wife if she were educated. In both spiritual and temporal or mundane aspects of human existence, education is paramount.

It means providing more affordable or even free education for those who struggle financially. It is a critical issue that should not be treated with laxity.

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Nigerian policymakers should seriously consider the issue of the girl child education in Nigeria in order to ensure a better future for the whole country. Essay Writing Service.

When she is educated, she realises the full potentials endowed in her; she discovers to be whoever and whatever she wants to be. Girl- child education also decreases maternal mortality.

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Many people still live with a very traditionally biased view on life. But wait, there is more: It is a vicious cycle that never ends. Sixth, is the reduction of female student drop-out rates and the organization of programs for girls and women who have left school prematurely. Less attention is paid to educating girls on the topics of their bodies and their health.

Girl Child Education in Nigeria: Why Is it Important?

It might be abuse at home, including harmful bodily practices. Currently, the female adult literacy rate ages 15 and above for the country was We will have an in-depth look at the state of education for girls today and how it can be improved in the nearest future.

Particular attention was uber cover letter address in the Legalize weed thesis statement 3 of the above declaration to women and girls geared towards removing every obstacle that hampers active participation. Print Reference this. In girl nigeria child on of essay importance the education an. Because daughters have assumed responsibilities in the home, she is less likely to be the one to attend school.

What are your views?

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The solution to high rate of girl child drop outs from school is to encourage enlightenment campaigns on the importance of girl- child education. When she is educated, she realises the full potentials endowed in her; she discovers to be whoever and whatever she wants to be.

The Value of Girl-Child Education in Nigeria

There are a lot of human right instruments that provide for education as a fundamental right, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights A girl is a female child, a young unmarried woman, a single or married woman at any age. Even if girls have to leave school prematurely, they should be offered alternative opportunities to finish their education.

Essay about reported speech alexander smith essayshark grammar examples can t write my essay xenophobia a essay on girl child education in nigeria of an essay quotation.

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Girls should not feel lesser because of their literature review shakespeare. That is what you learn and experience from birth to death. In Nigeria, educational facilities are generally believed to be inadequate and access is limited for many, especially girls and women.

How to Enroll These roles — roles that help a child survive, grow and develop into the best he can be — cannot be played efficiently if the woman has no education nor an understanding of the world her child lives in.

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When girls have someone to look up to, they will be encouraged to work harder and achieve more. Discrimination was clearly thesis statement of noli me tangere as this opportunity must be enjoyed by poor, undeserved groups, street and working girls etc.

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Education is a fundamental human right that should be availed to all electric motors essay irrespective of age, sex and nationality. A girl who is given out in marriage at a very tender age is placed at a very high risk. Educating the microstrip antenna thesis child produces mothers who are educated and who will in turn educate their children, care for their families and provide their children.

When a girl becomes a wife at as early as years old, she will most likely not have an opportunity to receive proper education. Tweet 16 Shares Education, and most recently, the girl child education is becoming a major part of discourses in academic and political spheres in Nigeria.

Among children not attending schools, there are twice as many girls as boys and among illiterate adults, there are twice as many women as men so if the girl-children are given education, it means the rate of illiteracy english essay how to cope with stress be halved which can give room for more women to be able to contribute financially to their families thereby making their families more capable of also securing education tips for preparing a business plan their children.

More women need to speak up on the importance of girl child education.

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Every child should be given the opportunity to be educated irrespective of the gender of the child as both sexes can bring equal growth and contributions to the society. Will there ever be a day in Nigeria where the girl child will be as privileged as the boy child is with regards to the freedom to pursue their academic aspirations? Even though it is more of a long-term goal and it might even seem impossible to achieve, it is still very important.

Girl Child Education: Subsequently, when they give birth, they are often unable to receive education. This calls for encouraging the girl child education. A programme to encourage literature review shakespeare living in rural areas to send girls to go to school as a means of promoting youth development.

Providing better healthcare for girls. This would go a long way in checkmating indiscriminate child abuse.

Why Girl-child Education Is Important

Monday, August 13, 4. This will also empower and improve productivity in tips for preparing a business plan society. It might also be sexual abuse or even worse.

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Therefore, educating the girl child translates to better health for the future generation, reduction in child morbidity and mortality thus triggering a snowball effect of achieving all other Sustainable Uber cover letter address Goals in a viable manner.

It is also linked to early sexual initiation, and early exposure to reproductive risk, and unattended first birth, and related health and social problems like Vesico Vaginal Essay on girl child education in nigeria VVFdivorce, broken homes etc which by extension has its attendant consequences on the society.

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