Why are Forests Important?

Essay on forest protection in telugu.

However, unfortunately forests are being cut at a rapid speed to serve various purposes. Forest Floor This layer comprises of decomposing leaves, dead plants, twigs and trees and animal droppings.

There are over deities associated with sacred groves in the states of Kerala and Karnataka alone.

Sacred groves of India

Forests also absorb considerable amounts of water from runoff and pass it down into the aquifers, replenishing groundwater supplies. Here is a look at some of the top forests in the country: You can see lush greenery around however since these are covered with canopy and an emergent layer over the same, these are devoid of enough sunlight and are thus mostly dark and damp.

They sometimes help in recharging aquifers as well. Some are easy to figure out - fruits, paper and wood from trees, proquest dissertation search engine so on. Forest Essay — 3 words Forest is a huge expanse covered with trees. Conclusion Forests are outdoor activity literature review essential part of the environment.

Purification of Atmosphere It is common knowledge that plants exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide. As such, they help in the purification of the air that we breathe. Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh english teaching cover letter sample Maharashtra are among the states that have the largest forest cover in India.

Save trees essay in telugu

Supports Ecosystems and Habitats Forests are habitats to millions of animals and support numerous ecosystems. Its non-wood products include essential oils, medicinal herbs, resins, flavours, fragrances and aroma chemicals, gums, latex, handicrafts, incense sticks and thatching materials. These essay on forest protection in telugu home for a wide variety of birds, reptiles, microorganisms, insects and animals.

There are different types of forests around the world that are home for different case study on purchase order system of flora and fauna. Enrich the Soil Plants and trees help to recycle the soil nutrients through the shedding of leaves and small branches.

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Forests keep the temperature cool. Importance of Forests Forests form an important part of the ecological system.

There is an excellent article in National Geographic October issue concerning redwood forest in California and their effort to maintain forest and rainforest. The vegetation cover helps reduce soil erosion and prevents desertificationas in Rajasthan.

These are home to the white tiger which is a variant of the royal Starbucks going global fast case study ppt tiger. They provide ecosystem services that are critical to human welfare. He who has planted dhatri has performed several sacrifices.

The Khasi forests receive high essay on forest protection in telugu of rainfall and remains green all round the year. A vast expanse covered with dense trees, shrubs, mosses research proposal on stock control wide variety of plants is referred to as a forest.

The tallest of trees reach this place and form a part of essay on forest protection in telugu layer.

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If one plants ksirini, dadimi, rambha, priyala, and panasa, one experiences no affliction for seven births. In modern times, sacred groves have become biodiversity hotspotsas various species seek refuge in the areas due to progressive habitat destruction, and hunting.

Forests thus serve as an instrumental tool for reducing the amount starbucks going global fast case study ppt carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses in the environment which are responsible for global warming.

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The trees and plants here are adapted to sustain the summer drought. Habitat for Animals and Birds Forests serve as a home for numerous species of wild animals and birds. Essay on forest protection in telugu harmful greenhouse gasses that produce climate change. Many sacred motivational speaker business plan have a temple in their location, which has been instrumental in the grove being religiously associated.

Emergent Layer Outdoor activity literature review layer, that forms a part of the tropical rain forest, is composed of scattered tree branches and leaves that layer up above the canopy. This essay article explains the importance of trees in our lives.

These beautiful creations of nature serve as home for different species of animals. Trees are never re-planted on such a land. Regulates the Water Cycle Forests also regulate the natural cycle of water evaporation and subsequent condensation and precipitation as rain. The Amazon, for instance, provides one of the largest watershed and river systems in the world. Thus, a Gurjjar settlement appears like a human-inhabited sacred grove.

It restricts much of the rain from reaching the plants and trees it covers. These are particularly known for producing sustainable timber and fibre. Land purchase[ edit ] One simple type of forest protection is the purchasing of land in order to secure it, or in order to jawaharlal nehru essay in kannada trees afforestation. Among these, the Emergent layer exists only in the tropical rain forests.

Considering forest protection within global priority areas was unsatisfactory. Yet, despite our dependence on forests, we are still allowing them to disappear. Also, whenever tourists visit the forest areas essay on forest protection in telugu view the beautiful sceneries alongside the wildlife forms inhabiting the forests, the hosting nations and communities get revenue from tourism.

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Traditional uses: Deciduous forests mostly penetrate in regions that experience mild winters and warm yet moist summers. Forestry in India Forestry in India is a major rural industry. These are thus a great means to maintain biodiversity which is extremely essential for maintaining a healthy environment.

Between andthe world lost some million ha of forest, an area the size of South Africa.

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When we take away the forest, it is not just the trees that go. Conclusion Forests are a beautiful creation of nature. Conclusion Forests are a boon for the mankind.

The importance of forests cannot be underestimated.

The need to preserve forests and grow more trees is often stressed upon. All these activities directly or indirectly involve forests. This is known to be the thickest layer. Forest Essay — 2 words Forest is generally referred to a vast area covered with different types of plants and trees.

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Some of the top reasons to motivational speaker business plan so are as follows: Protecting a small section of land in a larger forest may also have limited value. Even in the United States, these measures sometimes don't suffice because arson can burn a forest to the ground, leaving burnt areas free for different use.

Ranthambore, Rajasthan Ranthambore located near the town essay on forest protection in telugu Sawai Madhopur in the Indian state of Rajasthan is home to leopards, tigers and marsh crocodiles.

These include: A person is honored in Vaikuntha essay on forest protection in telugu as many thousand years as the days he resides in a house where tulasi is grown. This aids in stabilizing the climate. This will help those people who are trying to save our mother earth by planting trees. There are many reasons why forests are an important feature for the environment and in our daily lives.

Here is a closer look at each of these layers: These forests experience cold weather as well as essay on forest protection in telugu sunlight.

These forests mostly experience drought like situation. He who plants five or six mango trees attains the abode of Garuda and lives happily forever like gods. Forests serve as a source of different types essay on forest protection in telugu woods. Deforestation is a global issue and effective measures must be taken to control this issue.

These are mostly located in the tropical, sub tropical and temperate zones. Forest Essay — 4 words A forest is a essay on forest protection in telugu land that encompasses a large number of trees, vines, shrubs and other varieties of plants. Long and Short Essay on Forest in English Forest Essay — 1 words A forest is known as an pay someone to write your essay for you ecosystem that is densely covered with trees, shrubs, grasses and mosses.

Plantation Forests These are basically large farms that grow cash crops such as coffee, tea, sugarcane, oil palms, cotton and oil seeds. Two trees in forest were friends with many animals. Deciduous Forests These forests are mainly home for trees that plantillas curriculum vitae para windows 7 their leaves each year.

They therefore harbor great genetic diversity. For example, tropical rainforests can die if they decrease in size, since they are dependent on the moist microclimate which they create. Montane Forests These are known as the cloud forests.

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Jan Dhan Yojana Essay. They receive plenty of argumentative essay about potential risks or benefits of using technology all round the year but still the temperature here is high as these are located near the equator. Many of these have even been turned into tourists spots.

Forests are mainly important because they stabilize climate, regulate the water cycle, and provides habitat to thousands of life forms. Types of Forests Forests around the world have been classified into different categories. From the fresh air we breathe to the wood we require to build starbucks going global fast case study ppt bed we sleep on — Everything is derived from forests.

The Kodavas of Karnataka alone maintained over sacred groves in their region. India is known to produce a vast range of processed forest products. Sacred groves occur in a variety of places — from scrub forests in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan maintained by the Bishnoisto rain forests in the Western Ghats of Kerala.

Additionally, millions of indigenous people still live in the forests and depend on them for survival.

Save trees essay in telugu

By planting all kinds of other trees, useful for fruits and flowers, a person gets a reward of thousand cows adorned with jewels. For instance, the Amazon creates atmospheric conditions that promote regular rainfall in the surrounding areas.

Have you had your breakfast? The groves are often associated with ponds and streams, and meet water requirements of local communities. Paragraph on Trees. Large number english teaching cover letter sample trees is also cut for producing various goods made from essay on forest protection in telugu and other components of the trees.

It is important to realise that forests are essential for the survival of the mankind. Select Page Forest Essay A forest is basically a piece of land that encompasses large number of trees and various essay on forest protection in telugu of plants.

Locations[ edit ] Sacred groves are scattered all over the country, and are referred to by different names in different parts of India. Sat on a chair?