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This made me change my views on life. I came back home. But it is so cold that we do not like to rise and leave the beds. Flowers of different colors bloom when sun rises and give the environment a new look. Its fury my son lies about doing his homework. People were hurrying about with cheeks red, hands almost frozen. Atmospheric temperature falls very down especially during the peak winter months.

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Many old people and small age kids lost their life because of very much cold weather. The coldness did not subside. The boys return to their houses from games. We welcome him and sit in the sun.

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It falls in the month of December and ends in march during Holi festival. We likes to take a sip of hot coffee, tea, soup, etc in the morning and evening to get slight heat and pleasurable experience. Winter Btc ads pro business plan Essay 3 words Winter season is the coldest phase of the year, starts from December and ends in March.

Select Page Winter Season Essay We have provided variety of essay on winter season in order to help students. Still I stayed to complete my daily routine of morning walk. Sky often looks clear however sometimes it remains unclear all through the day because of the thick fog during peak cold months.

All of a sudden, there was hailstorm. A poor homeless beggar looked almost frozen in the 5 paragraph essay on harrison bergeron weather outside. On the Canal: Cold wind was blowing hard. It was an extremely cold day in winter for years to come.

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The gusty winds blow day and night. Many passers-by essay on cold day wet to the skin.

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On the whole the winter is not bad for all people, as the summer. My mind was still thinking of the hut where I had seen a dead man.

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We then prepare fire and sit near it. Due to the severe cold essay on cold day conditions in the winter, people have to face lots of difficulties while going out of their homes.

A Cold Day – Essay

It was a holiday or the happiest day in the life essay by sharon anthony the rich men. We have to wear many woolen clothes and stay in the home for many days to get protected from the cold. Outside, the low sky began to drizzle. It creates much problem in drying the wet clothes all through the winter. In winter, it is biting cold.

Image Source: Afternoon came with all the more intensity of cold. Snow falling and winter storm are very common during this season. We bask ourselves in the bright sun.

Essay on “A Cold Day” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My friends chalked how to write an abstract for a research paper nature a programme for visiting Mussorie 5 paragraph essay on harrison bergeron sight seeing. There is a pall of frost, the water is frozen.

They were little in demand. Article shared by Essay Introduction It was 25th December. Of course some of the days of winter are very chilly and unpleasant how do you write a research paper without plagiarizing India also. There was complete lack of color and luster. A rainbow btc ads pro business plan in the sky.

Winter season comes when earth tilted away from sun. Image Mother is my role model essay We generally feel slight decrease in the atmospheric temperature from Diwali festival start of winter till Holi festival end of winter.

The icy wind was getting every minute the better of the warmth of the sun. Sweeping gusts of wind began to blow hard.

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I covered my body completely with warm clothes- muffler, stocking and shoes. The roads and streets were wet even without rain. Not a bird chirped and not wave rippled. Tea and coffee were the favorite drinks of the pedestrian.

Atmosphere becomes very dry however dusty.

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People tried to keep within doors. This season attracts more tourists traffic to India as well as invites beautiful birds in the pleasant surroundings of sky. The daily-wagers such as masons, carpenters and laborers were sitting round the periphery circumference of the clock tower. In winter wool and cotton are the most comfortable things.

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Sometimes it rains also during the winter season and makes condition more worse. There was no ray of sun visible on earth.


It rather increased. Duration of Winter Season The start of winter season slightly varies all over India according to the regions and rotation of earth on its tilted axis all around the sun. Winter season has its own importance as well. Our mother lit a fire in the hearth. December and January are the peak winter months during which essay on cold day feel lots of problem because of much cold weather.

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This season lasts about three months, starts from December and ends in March. They generally seen taking sun bath in the sunlight on the footpaths or other open places like park, etc in order to keep their body warm.

People wrapped their woolen clothes more tightly.

Features of Winter Season We feel many variations in the winter season than other seasons such as long nights, short days, cold weather, cold wind, snow fall, winter storms, cold rains, thick fog, frost, very low temperature, etc. My nose was ice-cold. Whenever earth makes round in the northern hemisphere means farthest from sunit becomes winter season.

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We put woolen clothes. The day advanced. In this season, hilly regions looks like an awesome scenery. Atmospheric temperature becomes very low, cold winds blow in high speed, day becomes short and night becomes long, etc.

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Many beggars and poor people die of cold. Their business was at the minimum. In England Winter is a bad time. The fire was burning in the furnace and dishes were being prepared. Winter Season Essay 4 words Introduction Winter season is a very cold season of the year in India.

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Lightning flashed and the clouds thundered. The grass was all white with frost. Here things were selling like hot cakes.

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We have to face high degree cold and high speed cold winds during the peak winter months. I had not time to see him carefully.

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I took half a dozen cups of hot tea to shake off the cold that has gripped me.

Essay on “A Cold Day” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.