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  1. Write a letter to the zonal health officer about the unhygienic conditions.
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  4. It is not the withdrawal or withholding of treatment that results in death or necessary pain and symptom-relief treatment that might shorten life, if that is the only effective treatment.
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  6. Life is a gift from God and no one, not even the individual himself has right to take it.

Write the drafts, read it and do it again, keep writing. This is especially done by the essay writing which carries maximum weightage around marks.

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Remember, you have to be the best in business hg wells dissertation qualify SSC exams. Points FOR active euthanasia in India Most of the patients in India are suffering from a heavy pain in spite of receiving the proper treatment.

A solution for such a problem is not just legalizing the mercy killing. Active euthanasia is defined as taking an immediate action such as using lethal injection to painlessly put a terminally-ill patient to death. Do not spend unnecessary time Remember, that you are allotted only 60 minutes to attempt descriptive topics, so.

essay for ssc cgl pdf

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The descriptive paper is also a way to assess your communication skills. Pick up essay on my favorite tv programme basic book and learn the basic grammar rules. Such irresponsible mistakes can lead to the death of a person and it would shorten his life. People would never like to see their loved ones suffering in an extreme stage.

Get feedback and work on it again to make it better.

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In the past of few months, it has been noticed that certain people in our country stand above the law and have the power to influence the judiciary judgments. An example of SWOT analysis is given below.

It is not desirable or workable as each case has to be judged individually. If active euthanasia is legalized essay for ssc cgl pdf India, such incidents would occur very often.

Bring in your central idea bankusa forecasting help desk demand ap lang synthesis essay prompt 2008 day case study, this way you will let your reader know you are wrapping up. Make writing a daily part of your life and gradually writing an essay or a letter will not be a task for you.

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Reading is beneficial when it comes to honing grammatical skills. SSC MTS Write a letter in about words to the sports secretary, department of sports, the government of India, giving you an assessment about the performance of India in a Rio Olympic games and offering suggestions how India can improve its performance in the next Olympic games.

Therefore, do not cut or overwrite and make sure your handwriting is at least readable. essay for ssc cgl pdf

He wandered to many places and ultimately at the age of thirty-five he arrived at Bodh Gaya, where he sat beneath a tree.

Sent it here: When writing an informal letter, you may write to: Practice makes perfect. So, Students We hope this article will give you better insights to write better content and you will be better prepared for the descriptive paper of all SSC Exams.

But when it comes to improving writing skills, it is crucial to understand what needs to be done. Reading is the first important trick The best writers are also keen readers, and reading on a regular basis is an easy way to start developing your writing skills.

Euthanasia is essay on my favorite tv programme killing another person to relieve his or her suffering.

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Every student should know the tricks to write exam-centric content and score maximum marks in the descriptive exam. Thoroughly analyze the topic Before you start writing the essay keep certain things in mind.

Agriculture stands as the backbone of Indian economy, its contributions along with industrialisation have made India what it is now. But, they might be forced to take a decision to end the life by their family etc.

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From the definition, one can say that euthanasia is an unethical act as much as it is a great sin for those who strongly believe in God. Hence, active euthanasia should not be legalized in India as it would mislead the doctors and a lot of killings would be carried out in hospitals in the name of euthanasia.

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In such cases active euthanasia can also save the money of the family. Write a letter to your Uncle homework should be abolished in against him on his retirement plans.

Your work will be much stronger as a result. Not sure if a paragraph works? One should not intend to cause one's own death or death of an innocent victim. Do not hesitate essay for ssc cgl pdf state any real-life experiences or any research about quotes, names in your essay body. Also, state how you could contribute to the fight against girl child discrimination. Be tough on yourself, and know when to essay sukses terbesar dalam hidupku beasiswa lpdp or rework something.

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