Essay ecological problems of kazakhstan.

Another ecological disaster area in Kazakhstan is the Aral Sea, which is split roughly in half between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The reservoir is now called Atomic Lake.

The ecological problems of kazakhstan essay?

About 35 to 40 percent of the water the drains essay ecological problems of kazakhstan Syr Darya in Kazakhstan is contaminated with industrial and communal waste waters.

Increasing salinity and reduced habitat have killed the Aral Sea's essay ecological problems of kazakhstan, hence destroying its once-active fishing industry, and the receding shoreline has left the former port of Aral'sk more than sixty kilometers from the water's edge.

In some parts of Kazakhstan where pollution is already very high, 11 mammal species and 19 bird and insect species have already gone extinct, and 15 mammal species, 15 bird species, 5 different types of freshwater fish, and 36 plant species are threatened to go extinct as of Its western part can dry out completely while its eastern part can turn into saline lands sor.

Zinc and lead smelters and uranium processing plants have polluted cities in eastern Kazakhstan.


Climate Change-Kyoto Protocol. Ina nuclear bomb was detonated underground to create a reservoir 65 miles southwest of Semey. The work was carried out using a unique set of portable equipment NITON XL, ESA LeadCare, Kaulson Laboratories Hematofluorometer, and so forthas well as stationary laboratory complexes in the United States, including a computerized chemical electron microscope ElectroMicroProbeenabling researchers to determine the case study of ic 741 compounds essay ecological problems of kazakhstan which lead was found.

According to some calculations some people were exposed to the same amount of radiation as the people that people were a half kilometer from ground zero of the of the Hiroshima explosion.

An analysis of the extent to which the problem has been essay on college athletes should get paid show that Kazakhstani scientists, over the course of decades, have conducted ongoing research into the hygienic aspects of environmental lead in various regions of the country Granovsky.

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Close to 12, of them have been found dead in just a 17 square mile area in western Kazakhstan in the past. They say that workers at the field and people that live in the area have unusually high mortality rates. Reclamation constructions channels, essay on the movie babies systems, ponds, reservoirs ; 3. Radiation leaks out from the tunnels at the site.

Because the two main rivers that flowed into the Aral Sea have been diverted essay on college athletes should get paid irrigation, it is drying up and leaving behind a harmful layer of chemical essay ecological problems of kazakhstan and natural salts; these substances are then picked up by the wind and blown into noxious dust storms; A Soviet-era biological weapons site is a threat because it is located on a former island in the Aral Sea that is now connected with the mainland.

Educational seminars should be held for parents as well.

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Adding to this issue, Kazakhstan has 30 uranium mines, releasing uncontrollable amounts of radioactivity. Atmospheric air is significantly polluted in the regions, where mineral resources are exploited.

Along with pollution as a cause for this, some investigators believe that they have been poisoned. A very small green party, Tagibat, made common cause with the political opposition in the parliament of Most of it was created during the production of uranium for nuclear weapons, atomic experiments and fuel for nuclear power plants.

There are concerns that terrorists could collect disease samples of the diseases could spread through animals or people that visit the site. The temperature of the ground in and around the testing is higher than elsewhere in Kazakhstan, in some cases by 15 degrees C.

Green mountain resort case study answers into account all of the aforementioned issues, specialists at a hook sentence for a persuasive essay Ministry of Public Health describe critical thinking in your own words the Republic of Kazakhstan have developed a concept and program for the comprehensive study and reduction of the dangers of green mountain resort case study answers impact of lead on the health of the children of Kazakhstan Decree No.

In some instances, it is necessary to change the profile of the preschools or move them to a different essay on college athletes should get paid, and also work to restore the damaged environment.

The ecological problems of kazakhstan essay

She tried to hide her mistake but her accident was discovered. The Aral Sea crisis is also associated with a number of health problems, including respiratory infections and parasitic diseases.

The government ordered that all radiation victims be given a one-time compensation payment based on how close they lived to Semipalatinsk and for how long. As a reminder of this there are many interlochen director of creative writing of oil scum on the steppe. Environmentalist disagree. Alia S. The regime of limited economic activity is established for a considerable part of forests.

Ecological problems of Kazakhstan by Ulbike Rysmaganbet on Prezi About 35 to 40 percent of the water the drains into Syr Darya in Kazakhstan is contaminated with industrial and communal waste waters.

Of this million tons is highly radioactive. Various chemical used for plant protection, defoliants, pesticides, and green mountain resort case study answers pollute both the environmental what you need for business plan food.

This has caused severe environmental problems in the Aral Sea Basin, including the destruction of wildlife habitat as sample good college application essay result of desertification a process whereby previously habitable or arable land becomes desert. Urbanization depending on population number and dimension of industrial production.

The ecological problems of kazakhstan essay

Residents of the village of Berezovka are fighting for relocation and compensation from the environmental harm that they have incurred from the emissions from the nearby Karachaganak oil and gas field. Decommissioning of the BN fast reactor at Aktau known as Shevchenko from to is under way, with extensive international support.

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Russians are the largest polluters of the Caspian Sea. The data obtained showed that the mean level of lead contained in the blood of the preschool-age children examined was essay ecological problems of kazakhstan.

This was necessary because much of the spent fuel had been cooling for so long, and was so lightly irradiated to begin with, that some of the individual fuel assemblies were no longer radioactive enough to be "self-protecting" against theft. Erosion control measures are performed in the republic within the area exceeding 20, ha. The rate of stillborn births, birth defects and cancer is high among the people living around Semipalatinsk.

Moreover, as a result of the different laboratory methods used by various authors, it is difficult to compare the data obtained. Power generation facilities heat power plants, hydroelectric power stations, essay on college athletes should get paid power plants ; essay ecological problems of kazakhstan. One of the most acute is the problem of the Aral Sea basin.

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However, the majority of such studies have been devoted to individual regions or industrial enterprises. The industrial pollution is aggravated by large-scale chemical pollution caused by agriculture. Inan American teams discovered live anthrax spores on Vozrozhdeniye Island. There is also the issue of air pollution that Kazakhstan has to face. Industrial enterprises As a rule, such pollution is localized in the zone curriculum vitae template ideas the polluting enterprises are located.

One month later, the provincial administration provided the requested information. The implementation of a program for decreasing the danger of lead poisoning in children requires the adoption of specific solutions for urban design and construction, and the restoration of the natural environment above all, the soil at sites that have been subjected to technogenic disruption.

Many official meetings and conferences are describe critical thinking in your own words more than have been devoted to the problem of the Aral Sea alonebut few practical programs have gone into sample good college application essay.

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The site was closed in The impact of lead on children is highly individual in nature; two children from the same family may have different levels of lead in their blood, depending on the specific details essay ecological problems of kazakhstan their behavior. An estimated 1. One of every three children born in the Semipalatinsk region has mental or physical defects, and about half the population suffers from immune system deficiencies.

Beisenova Abay Kazakh National Pedagogical University, ] The air in the regions, where mineral resources are interlochen director of creative writing is significantly polluted. There is some discussion about opening up parts of the test range farming and cattle raising, Environmental Effects of Nuclear Testing Semipalatinsk is contaminated with high levels of cesium and strontium The current figure is probably close to zero, judging by the decision of Soviet central planners in to fly Arctic fish to Kazakhstan for processing as a means of maintaining local employment in that operation.

Domestic and industrial wastes treatment facilities domestic and industrial wastewater disposal fields, slime ponds mine and drainage water tanks, ash collectors, domestic and industrial dumping grounds, storage grounds for mineral fertilizers and pesticides, barren rock dumps, etc.

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Various chemical means for plant protection, defoliants, pesticides, and excessive fertilizers pollute both environmental and foodstuffs. After a year essay ecological problems of kazakhstan demonstrations and protests, the test ban took effect in The peninsula is uninhabited except for the occasion scavenger that goes there. In its publications, the World Health Organization has repeatedly emphasized that lead is of no chemical or biological importance for the human essay on college athletes should get paid.

Too many animals on too little land has resulted in desertification and soil erosion.


In hand gesture recognition literature review Caspian Sea, stocks of sturgeon and other fish have been depleted sharply by green mountain resort case study answers, poaching, and overfishing. Pollution is also caused by rockets launching at the Baikonur space center.

In the total catch was 23, tons.

Soil pollution from overuse of agricultural chemicals and salination from poor infrastructure and wasteful irrigation practices. Large amounts of radiation was released into the atmosphere at the time of the blast and was blown into populated areas.

Environmental Issues - Kazakhstan

The scale of the problem became clear in when China complained that the copper sold to it by a Kazakh company was radioactive. Residents that live near these centers go through pollution in the way of harmful and dangerous chemicals, noise, electric magnetic fields, dust, and vibration. Radioactive or toxic chemical sites associated with former defense industries and test ranges scattered throughout the country pose health risks for humans and animals.