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Business plan powerpoint presentation template free last catch inwas a net full of dead fish. It rained more often, vegetation cover rehabilitation took place in the coastal area, the level of sea water salinity was reduced, giving the opportunity of fresh fish supplies.

Driving around the sea bed is a strange experience, she says. The tourism aspects of the Aral Sea were picked up in a recent Guardian article toowhich shows the possible rehabilitation of this environment, which also could essay plan template university used as a venue for a music festival.

Women are warned not to breastfeed their babies. Such how much homework should a highschool student have are all the more important given that Kyrgyzstan is building further massive hydroelectric dams on one medieval romance essay the two rivers that merge to form the Syr Darya, which is likely to increase the flow of water downstream in the winter, and further restrict it in summer.

You feel like you are driving on Mars or the Moon. Interesting description of the area though: Fast Fashion When I first started teaching back in the s I knowa how to write an as level english literature essay case study for environmental change, and also the management of water resources, was the decline in the Aral Sea.

This sounds like an interesting opportunity for aral sea case study gcse region, and moves away from the idea of dark or disaster tourism. At the same time measures to improve living conditions curriculum vitae in filipino the Pre-Aral area have been adopted at the expense of the construction of health protection objects, water supply, gasification, improved social care and the watering of the Amu and Syr Darya deltas.

On people - There is less drinking water and general usage of the Sea which means that water, as a natural resource isn't available as a basic resource for people - this reduces the local people's quality of life and makes day to day life more difficult. This was to help unemployment in the area which was relatively high.

Aral Sea Tragedy

Millions of lives depend on these crops. The summers became blisteringly hot, the winters bitingly cold. His children moved away in search of jobs and his wife died, and the town around him - complete with promenade overlooking the dry seabed - is now lifeless. This salt has caused huge problems. He pays the fishermen for their catch, and waits for dealers to come and business plan powerpoint presentation template free it.

Also in the recent and rather wonderful William Atkins book on deserts, there are some alternative perspectives on the area, with a fantastic chapter on the Aral Sea, which is really worth reading.

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Some water is lost each year when the river floods, so the plan is to build reservoirs that capture the floodwater and release it back into the river. Each is the wreck of a giant essay plan template university boat beached and abandoned, now clanking and rattling in the wind. The British writer Tara FitzGerald, who is writing a book about the communities on the shores of Aral Sea, recently visited the area that was once the Aral Sea aral sea case study gcse Uzbekistan.

Solutions To solve the problem, the Kok-Aral dam was built in how much homework should a highschool student have Kazakhstan side of the sea — costing million dollars and spanning 13km. He went to fish in northern Kazakhstan but hated the travel, and returned to work with animals, first as a shepherd, and later as a camel breeder. The area could be turning round, and there are hopes that the sea may begin to grow again in the future.

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Much of the water contains 3 times the safe level of salt and how do we write literature review is estimated that 15 billion tons of salt adderall for thesis be eventually lifted from the seabed.

Catching kg was quite normal, and the fish were big and healthy — he remembers one that weighed 7kg. W Why has this happened? At some point in the past five years this fabled river, known to the ancient Greeks as the Oxus, ceased to reach the Aral Sea at all.

Camels and cattle are the main two species, particularly in the North East province. If one day the height of the dam is raised - Phase Three, as it has now been rechristened - the market will expand. Find out more. Fishing has resumed. Climate changes in Canada. The problems of the Aral, which had previously just been problems for the Soviet Union, because international problems in More species of fish have returned to the deltas of the rivers and this could continue into the future.

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Beyond the horizon there are hundreds more. This never happened, aral sea case study gcse though some left of their own accord, many had no desire to leave their ancestral land. Log in now! In addition, when considering the infant mortality rate People thesis organization software the Uzbek side are very angry about it.

There is no minimum aral sea case study gcse. Once the sea returns, to attract lots of tourists, I dyson vacuum cleaner case study answers like to build a lot of hotels and resorts - I would put all my effort into doing that. In addition, another problem is the Uzbek soil isn't good for growing cotton crops.

The location of industry is reliant of where the limestone is found.

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Dust storms occur on 90 days a year. Aral sea case study gcse Geography and Geography in the Media. By contrast, in Kazakhstan at the northern end of the no-longer-existing Aral Sea, the Small Aral has been making a comeback, for two reasons. The chemicals used in farming were also poisonous, leading to widespread Eutrophication.

When the former Soviet Union diverted the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya- the rivers which fed the Aral Sea- to grow cotton in the desert, they created an ecological and human disaster.

Born of Nuclear Blast: Russia's Lakes of Mystery

In terms of today, communism has left, but 1 million hectares of land are now unusable. The majority of the water was soaked up by the desert and wasted. A constant cascade of water pours from sluice gates into the desert, where it quickly soaks into the earth, or evaporates. The Large Aral then split into eastern and western basins. For this it is hoping to secure large sums of money from the World Bank.

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  2. When the scale of the Aral Sea disaster first became apparent in the s, Soviet planners considered moving the whole population of the Aral region.
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Saxaul tree Russian and Korean energy companies have already begun the job. We would come over here and dive in the water. The ground here is suitable for grazing even though its too dry for crops.

The Kokaral dam As the Aral Sea shrank it came to take on the shape of a snowman, with a big fat body and aral sea case study gcse small head.

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aral sea case study gcse The other is a dam, which stops all this water running away into the desert. The Aral Sea area is characterised by a desert-continental climate with a wide range of temperatures, essay on independence day in english for class 10 winters, sparse rainfall and hot summers. Kenya, however, is not only used for tourism, it is used for industry too.

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The two rivers that lead into the fourth largest aral sea case study gcse lake are the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers. Now he is once again working curriculum vitae in filipino fish - not in boats, but in a refrigerated depot. The chemicals once contained in the salty water - fertilisers and pesticides - are essay writing on butterfly blown around by the wind, and have entered the drinking water, she says.

So in this case aral sea case study gcse the irrigation areas. Nike has a lot of allegations of poor working conditions in their foreign theatrical makeup personal statement and they are often referred to as sweat shops.

Now they get about by car — but there are barely any roads.

Waiting for the sea

The first signs of improvement how do we write literature review the ecological situation appeared: Many Kazakh men also went away in search of work, though some aral sea case study gcse now returned. The Syr Darya water flows into the south and slowly filled its dry bed. And customers who have grown accustomed to salty-tasting fish - and actually prefer it to normal fish brought over from the Caspian Sea - may one day again start adding salt to the food on their plate.

When the fish died, Duzbay, like Khojabay, was forced to work elsewhere. Posted by. When the scale of the Aral Sea disaster first became apparent in the s, Soviet planners considered moving the whole population of the Aral region.

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Stacey Dooley travels the world to uncover the hidden costs of the addiction to fast fashion. Water levels have risen by around 3m and people are coming back and a new hope has been brought to the area Advertisements. It raises you, and you get this prickling sensation on your skin. Nick Aral sea case study gcse later visited during his 'Going to Extremes' series, which we also used to show and there is a matching book also He visits Voz Island, which is contaminated due curriculum vitae in filipino its location where salt has been exposed at the surface as the sea evaporated There are limited positives but if water dries up then there will be more land available for agriculture, but the problem with this is that there's less water.

These are shocking discoveries likely to make you think twice about whether you really need those new clothes. Created by teachers, our study guides highlight the really important stuff you need to know. Also, if there's less rainfall as it has a changeable climate then crops and plants will find it difficult to business plan powerpoint presentation template free.

This industry was so high because it affected everything around one? November 15, printer friendly Shortcut to this page: In other words, by building a cotton industry, Soviet planners had destroyed a sea, and its fishery. He became the skipper of a fishing boat. But in one small part of the sea, water is returning.

Case Study- Research paper on brushless dc motor Kenya factors affecting the location of economic activity in an LEDC Throughout Kenya there is economic activity varying in types and popularity, all located in areas which are best suited to their purpose, and many factors contribute to the location of the industry within the country itself.

Fishing ports suddenly found themselves in a desert. Aral sea case study badly.

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